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1 Powerful Exercise To Overcome A Creative Block

Learn how to clear your mind when it's in a haze & you've "hit a wall" in an important project (that requires your vision & voice).

May 17, 2021
6:00pm Eastern Time

Bring "the muse" back.

The "muse" - that voice inside you that guides you to execute a project where your vision & ingenuity are required - never really leaves you. Ever.

Your lens to see her just shuts off sometimes (momentarily). So her voice get's muted. Even though she's there. Always. Waiting to give you instructions.

Learn 1 DIY tool that keeps you strongly connected to that voice when you're birthing an idea into life.

Clear out the fear.

Why do we suffer from creative blocks?

Why is it so easy to get contaminated by fear when we're executing an idea we really care about?

And most importantly, how do we block out that fear?

Learn 1 simple exercise to clear out the fear - that hijacks your connection to your creative voice - when you're about to sit down to do your thing.

Daniela Londono-Velez

Daniela Londono-Velez is the owner of Amapola Spiritual, an online center for deep healing with spiritual techniques. Her calling is to give clarity to creative entrepreneurs, so they can birth their dreams into reality.

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